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The easy-to-access sites listed here play music in the style of the 1930s, 1940s and early-1950s as typified by Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. The categories "Swing" or "Big Band" are not even listed on most music-locater web sites so this one-page site was created to make finding and listening to the big bands and the swing music of the era much easier.  The table below lists continuous streaming audio sites, radio stations' swing-music Internet-broadcast schedules and sources of downloadable archived broadcasts or music. Swing-Sked significantly helps swing-era fans find great free music that they can listen to at any time without logging in, registering or subscribing.

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Station or Program Web Site Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
Very Frequent or Continuous Swing Music
KABL - San Francisco, CA WM  M3
KCEA - Atherton, CA - Requests M3
KMRE - Bellingham, WA - American Museum of Radio & Elect. LP  
KZQX - Chalk Hill, TX - Not strictly swing/BB, but also good music from the 50's and 60's M3  WM  RA  QT
WKHR - Cleveland, OH M3  RA  WM
WMKV - Cincinnati, OH     (11/16/2014 LP link dead) LP
WOBO - Batavia, OH - 40% BB - Check the Schedule first  LP
Big Band Cantina - Somewhat heavy on commercials M3  WM  QT
1920s Radio Network Afilliated with WHRV - Norfolk, VA - Links below  M3  WM
The UK 1940s Radio Station - British & American swing music M3  WM  RA
Big Band Central - San Jose, CA - Many Vocal Selections AP
Pandora - Create your own streaming Internet radio station - Flash Player required. LP
Radio Dismuke - 1925 to 1935 selections M3  WM  QT  RA
Radio Shaker - Search to get 16 Swing & 19 BB stations - Click each to play (VLC player needed) n/a
Shoutcast - Search for: Swing (71 Stations) or BB (23 Sta.) Click Download symbol on each to play. n/a
Slacker - Use the Search box to find Swing or BB -  Flash Player required. n/a
------Also see the Archives section at the end of the table--------
Sunday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
WMSE - Milwaukee, WI - The Sunday Big Band Show with Dewey Gill M3  WM 10 AM 7 AM 3
CKUA - Alberta P. Radio - Play It Again - DJ-Tony Dillon-Davis - Flash Player required LP 11 AM 8 AM 1
KSDS - San Diego, CA - Big Band Brunch - DJ - Ross Porter M3  WM  QT 1 PM 10 AM 2
WMNU - Marquette, MI - Sunday Swing M3  1 PM 10 AM 1
KCCK - Cedar Rapids, IA - BB Memories - DJs Hahn & Kent M3 2 PM 11 AM 4
CFZM - AM 740 - Toronto, ON - Vintage Favorites - Flash Player required LP 2 PM 11 AM 2
Massachusetts Internet Radio - Big Band Blast (Play link dead 11/.01/2015) LP
3 PM 12 PM 9
KSDS - San Diego, CA - Rug Cutter's Swing - DJ - Ida Garcia M3  WM  RA  QT  3 PM 12 PM 3
CKUA - Alberta P. Radio - The Old Disk Jockey - John Worthington LP 3 PM 12 PM 1
CJRT-FM - Toronto, ON - The BB Show with Glen Woodcock M3  WM  QT 5 PM 2 PM 5
CFZM - AM 740 - Toronto, ON - Big Band Sunday Night LP 7 PM 4 PM 4
WWOZ - New Orleans - Swing Session - DJ-Kathleen Lee M3  WM 7 PM 4 PM 2
Alabama Public Radio - Getting Sentimental Over You M3 6 PM 3 PM 1
Alabama Public Radio - The Crooners M3 7 PM 4 PM 2
WFUV New York, NY - The Big Broadcast - DJ - Rich Conaty M3  WM
8 PM 5 PM 4
WPPB Long Island, NY - The Swingin' Years - DJ - Chuck Cecil M3  QT 8 PM 5 PM 4
KAAM - Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX - Seems Like Old Times LP 9 PM 6 PM 2
KKJZ - Long Beach, CA - Swing Time - DJ - Johnny Magnus LP 10 PM 7 PM 3
S. Dakota PB - BB Spotlight - With host Karl Gehrke. M3  QT 11 PM 8 PM 1?
Monday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
WHFR - Dearborn, MI - BB with Dan LP 2 PM 11 AM 2
Tuesday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
Wednesday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
WEVL - Memphis, TN - Swing Shift Shuffle M3 7 PM 4 PM 2
Thursday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
Friday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
WWOZ - New Orleans - Swing & Big Band - DJ - Minister of Swing M3  WM 1 AM 10 P Th 3
WHFR - Dearborn, MI - The World of Big Band LP 10 AM 7 AM 3
CKUA - Alberta P. Radio - Play It Again - DJ-Tony Dillon-Davis - Flash Player required LP 5 PM 2 PM 1
WYPR - Baltimore, MD - "In the Mood" Big Band with Ken Jackson M3 9 PM 6 PM 3?
Saturday Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
CKUA - Alberta P. Radio - Play It Again - DJ-Tony Dillon-Davis LP 7 AM 4 AM 1
WDCB - College of DuPage, IL - Swing Shift - DJ-Bruce Oscar M3 12 PM 9 AM 2
WDCB - Glen Ellyn, IL - Midwest Ballroom - DJ - John Russell M3 6 PM 3 PM 2
WKCR - Columbia Univ., NY - Traditions in Swing - Lots of DJ talk M3  RA 6 PM 3 PM 3
CFZM - AM 740 - Toronto, ON - Saturday Night Bandstand LP 7 PM 4 PM 4
WQLN - Erie, PA - Sat. Swing Session - DJ - Phil Atteberry  LP 8 PM 5 PM 2
WHRV - Norfolk, VA - Saturday Night Fish Fry - DJ - Neal Murray - Flash Player required LP 8 PM 5 PM 2
KAAM - Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX - Saturday Night Sock Hop with John Colwell LP 8 PM 5 PM 4
KWGS - Tulsa, OK - Big Band Saturday Night - DJ - Alan Lambert M3  WM  QT 9 PM 6 PM 2
WVXU - Cincinnati, OH - Swing with Bill Cartwright M3 QT 10 PM 7 PM 1
KKJZ - Long Beach, CA - Swing Time - DJ - Johnny Magnus LP 10 PM 7 PM 3
KTXK - Texarkana, TX - Three 1 Hr. Shows in series M3 11 PM 8 PM 3
KUOW - Seattle, WA - The Swing Years and Beyond M3  WM  10 PM 7 PM 5
Archives: Older Broadcasts & More - Downloads May Be Required Listen Start-ET Start-PT Length
KUOW - The Swing Years and Beyond - latest weekly archive M3 WM
WHRV - Norfolk, VA - Saturday Night Fish Fry - latest archives - Flash Player required LP
WMSE - Milwaukee, WI - The Sun. @ 9 AM (CT) BB show archived - Stream or Download BB Archive
WTIC - Hartford, CT - Archives - Old programs on demand - Download only BB Archive
Bay Area Radio Museum - SF, CA - Scroll Down - 10 Programs. SD
Bill Elliott Big Band - 4 1999 Hollywood Palladium Broadcasts RA
Internet Archive -183 BB Remotes - Download or play on page LP
Live from the Hotel Bridgegate - 18 shows in the 1930s' style LP .
BBC Radio 2Clare Teal Show - Listen to the last couple of shows LP
Martha Tilton - And the Angles Sing - Many songs for download LP
Radio Lovers.Com - Music - BB Remote Broadcasts & OTR LP

ABBREVIATIONS AND OTHER HELP:While there are numerous streaming audio formats the four below are the most popular. The two-character abbreviations in this table are those used in the table above. Note that many sites provide feeds in several formats and at several speeds - check their pages. The links in the Listen column above are generally for medium and high speed connections as it's unlikely that much Internet music listening is via dial-up connections. Note: Some player links were found live but not playing; check alternate links on page.

Listen Column Abbreviations Other Abbreviations
M3= MP3 Audio (.mp3 files and .m3u or .pls playlists) ETis Eastern Time
WM= Windows Media (.wma files and .asf & .asx & .wpl playlists) PTis Pacific Time
RA= Real Audio (.ra & .rm files and .ram & .rmm playlists) BBis Big Band(s)
QT= Quick Time audio files (.m4b files) PBis Public Broadcasting
LP= Links on the page for an embedded player &/or multiple selections OTRis non-music old-time radio
SD= Go to the page and scroll down
AP= Autoplays

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